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Long-Life AS Series TAB/ETA bearings

Long-Life AS Series TAB/ETA bearings

Because most bearing damage occurs on the raceway surface, NTN has enhanced the surface layer structure through a special heat treatment and selection of materials that have a persevering structure that does not give up surface hardness. Also, NTN has optimized the crowning of the tapered roller elements.These measures inhibit formation of hairline cracks that serve as the starting point for peeling and various other types of damage, and provide merits such as long life.
2.1 Crack Resistance and Stress Relaxing Effect Softer than martensite parent phase, retained austenite relaxes the stress concentration in the impression area caused by contaminated lubrication material inhibiting formation of cracks. As shown in Fig. 1, residual stress shifts toward the pulling side for extreme surface layers of the impression portion in all cases, and through-hardened steel having undergone standard heat treatment produces residual tensile stress. If you compare items having special heat treatment and those having standard heat treatment, there is less harmful shift of stress to the pulling side for those having undergone special heat treatment. Special heat treatment is recognized as having a stress relaxing effect.


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