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SKF Bearings


SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907. Our fundamental strength is the ability to continuously develop new technologies – then use them to create products that offer competitive advantages to our customers. 

We achieve this by combining hands-on experience in over 40 industries with our knowledge across the SKF technology platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Our success is based on this knowledge, our people, and our commitment to SKF Care principles. 
The focus of SKF’s technology development today is to reduce the environmental impact of an asset during its lifecycle, both in our own and our customers’ operations. The SKF BeyondZero product portfolio is the latest example of what SKF has to offer in this area.
SKF Bearings, units and housings 
The application demands and operating conditions of rotating machinery are extremely diverse. To achieve the best performance fit for your application, there are many different parameters to consider – dimensions, weight, rotational speeds, load ratings, sealing and lubrication, to name a few. By working with SKF you have access to the world’s widest range of rolling and plain bearings from a single manufacturer, and expert advice and calculation tools to help you identify products that are the best performance fit for your application.
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SKF manufactures virtually every type of ball and roller bearing. They are available in various cross sections and satisfy a huge variety of operating conditions and application performance requirements.
A wide assortment of plain bearings, rod ends and bushings are also available to satisfy various oscillating movement needs. The design and material variants are extensive and offer an unparalleled selection from which to meet your application needs.
Bearing units
SKF bearing units typically consist of a housing, bearing, seal, lubricant and shaft locking mechanism. The units are preassembled and adjusted at the factory. These ready-to-mount units are available with either ball or roller bearings.
In addition to standard all-steel units, SKF has a selection of products that target particular industries, such as the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where, for example, special materials, lubricants, seals and housings are needed to meet application performance and environment needs.
Bearing housings
To accommodate the wide variety of performance characteristics of SKF bearings, SKF designs and manufactures a full line of bearing housings and housing seals. These housings and seals are well known for their quality and durability. In addition to their unique design features, which simplify mounting, alignment and relubrication, SKF housings are precision-machined so that the incorporated bearing can realize its full service life.
BOYA Services
Services & Solutions from SKF – realizing industry’s full potential
SKF offers a full range of services and solutions to both OEM and aftermarket customers around the world, in every major industry, at each phase of the asset life cycle. Services & Solutions from SKF can help you to:
improve productivity
reduce maintenance costs
improve energy efficiency
optimise designs
reduce time to market
reduce total cost of ownership.

A comprehensive portfolio
Services & Solutions from SKF range from new machine development and design verification, to reconditioning, Integrated Maintenance Solutions, training and remote monitoring.  

We can help you reduce your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability. And we will work with you to define where to focus, and how to get the fastest return on your investment.

Boya Industry solutions 
Every industry has its unique challenges, but virtually all industries share the goals of increased machine uptime, reduced maintenance, improved safety, energy savings and lower Total Cost of Ownership. With expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipment manufacturers and end users in every major industry, SKF is delivering not just products but total integrated solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. 
Optimizing the asset life cycle
Close cooperation with equipment manufacturers and industrial end users has given SKF a unique understanding of the interaction between asset components and industrial processes. Today, we are leveraging this knowledge to provide value at every stage of an asset’s life cycle. SKF Life Cycle Management is our proven approach to optimizing equipment design and operation over its entire service life cycle. Proven effective in our own factories worldwide, SKF solutions are also proving valuable to SKF customers worldwide.
Boya Industrial pumps 
Modern pumping system challenges
Whether moving a municipal water supply, drawing oil from the bottom of the ocean or siphoning aggressive fluids in chemical plants – modern society requires reliable, efficient pumping systems. 
For today’s industrial pump operators, that means finding ways to reduce the total cost of ownership while also complying with increasingly tougher environmental legislation. The challenge for pump manufacturers is to increase meantime between failures while optimizing energy consumption over the entire life cycle of the pump, as energy accounts for 45% of total pump ownership costs. 

Boya can help
As the world’s leading supplier of bearings and engineering solutions to the pump industry, SKF works in close cooperation with leading manufacturers. We offer everything from innovative engineering services in the design process to monitoring systems that promote reliable operation in remote, hard-to-access locations. 
Do you want to increase your reliability, sustainability and profitability? SKF wheel-ends are offering 1 000 000 km and more life time!
With rising costs for fuel, road fees, drivers and skilled technicians, fleet owners know that to remain profitable they need to look for efficiencies in every area of their operation. The need for fleet operators to increase fleet uptime and reduce total cost of operation (TCO) presents both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses. By helping owners and operators address the critical issues – reliability, efficiency and safety – manufacturers can establish market leadership and earn customer loyalty that pays off down the road. Understandably, fleets will favor manufacturers who help them meet tight delivery timetables, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid unplanned breakdowns that result in lost profits and, sometimes, lost customers. The ability to draw on the resources of trusted technical partners will be increasingly critical as manufacturers and tier one suppliers address the pressing challenges of the competitive industry.
Boya can help
With decades of close cooperation with leading truck and trailer manufacturers and their component suppliers, SKF understands the issues that drive your business. This understanding is amplified by the experience of relying on a globally-operated fleet, which is the backbone of SKF Logistics Services. Since the birth of the trucking industry, SKF bearings have set the gold standard for performance in engines, gearboxes, drivetrains and wheel ends. We have pioneered many industry firsts, from unitized truck hubs to advanced sealing systems that have redefined expectations for component service life. SKF is able to take a systems approach to design to keep you at the forefront of developing technologies.
Mining, mineral processing and cement 
Harsh operating and market conditions
Heavy loads. Abrasive dust and dirt. Extreme temperatures and more. These conditions make it difficult, even dangerous for mines and cement plants to maintain their machinery. Worker injuries and unplanned downtime are a constant risk. 
Additionally, high cost and stringent regulations are forcing reductions in energy consumption, even as global demand for metal ores, cement and coal is increasing. 
Boya can help
Our advanced range of products and services in our SKF Life Cycle Management approach – our proven approach for reducing Total Cost of Ownership for machinery at every stage, from specification and design to operation and maintenance. SKF solutions can help mining and mineral processing operations: 
Increase productivity and profitability
Improve worker safety
Reduce environmental impact 
Cut energy consumption 
Reduce unplanned downtime
Boya Services 
Optimizing asset efficiency for a better bottom line
SKF offers a wide range of services to help manufacturers achieve their goals. Supporting a proven methodology that we call Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO), SKF solutions can make your assets more productive, producing more without increasing capital spending on new equipment, ultimately increasing your Return on Assets (ROA). 
SKF services and related products can help you in all areas of the asset life cycle – from initial product design to manufacture, from installation and operation to maintenance, rebuilds and improvements. 
Availble globally, SKF services can boost profitability by helping your company achieve smooth, reliable and cost-effective operation. 
Industrial transmissions 
A wide range of conditions and requirements
Industrial transmissions At work in virtually every industrial process, available in every possible shape and size, gear units and drivelines face an extremely wide range of operating requirements and conditions. But regardless of industry or application, all industrial transmissions share a common set of challenges – they must perform as reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 
Meet them with SKF
SKF can help manufacturers and users alike identify ways to optimize transmission performance and reliability. Using a system approach, SKF can help you exploit your gear unit’s full potential and drive performance and reliability in several ways:  
Increase torque
Downsize designs
Double service life 
Aim for 100% operational reliability

What are you looking for?

Boya Solutions for end-users 
Optimizing performance through system integration
earth Industrial gear units can operate in the world’s toughest, most contaminated conditions – or the cleanest. Duty cycles can range from high speed to semi-static, from low to extremely high torque, from intermittent to continuous operation. 
Given this gamut of operating conditions and challenges, finding ways to improve gear unit performance virtually demands a tailored, system integration approach – one that optimizes the interaction between core machinery, gear units, electric motors and the surrounding environment. At Boya can provide it. 

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